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Out Of Office: Strategy Day 2017

Alex Ogilvie
1 Oct
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Last Friday, we swapped the fluorescent lights of the offices for the beautiful Yorkshire countryside at the Camp Estate for the company’s annual strategy day.As an always busy business, the day represented an opportunity for everyone at the company to take a step back from their day-to-day tasks to evaluate our services, set goals for the years ahead and have a bit of fun together as a team.The morning was spent with the entire team in one conference room, discussing how each department and team member could contribute to the future of the company as a “one stop shop” for event organisers looking to implement innovative new technology like RFID at their events.

After a spot of lunch and a quick change of clothes, the team headed out into the great outdoors for some assault courses, raft building and other teamwork exercises.

We left the site with muddied knees, aching limbs and a moderate soaking, ready for the next few years ahead.

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