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New UK festival, Wide Skies & Butterflies, chooses Event Genius for end-to-end ticketing and payments deal

Luke Nightingale
5 Oct
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We’re excited to reveal that the UK’s newest festival Wide Skies & Butterflies have signed on the dotted line for a five year deal that will see Event Genius become the festival’s sole ticketing, travel, access control and payments partner.  

The festival – created by a hugely experienced team that have worked on events such as the Isle of Wight Festival, BST Hyde Park and tours from the likes of Madonna, The Rolling Stones and Coldplay – is brand new for the UK circuit and will launch in August 2022 at the Raynham Estate in Norfolk.

Held over three days, the festival is the brainchild of founders and directors Samira Williams, Mark Ward and Sam Booker and will feature a diverse range of music, comedy and more, as well as a large variety of kid’s activities that will all be played out within the stunning grounds of the Estate. 

The festival will take advantage of the entire Event Genius end-to-end product suite, including ticketing (egTicketing), travel and packages (egTravel), access control (egAccess), onsite cashless payments (egPay) and flexible payment plan options such as Pay with Friends and Payment Plan (egCheckout).

Wide Skies & Butterflies chose us due to the simplicity of having a bundle of services in one deal, when previously they would have needed to sign with multiple partners. 

Our new partners will also benefit from the seamless integration between Event Genius services, resulting in a much better fan experience. Event-goers will need just one account to purchase tickets and accommodation, top-up their cashless credit, access the event and also purchase food and drink, merchandise and any other ancillary products onsite. 

Speaking about the partnership, Sam Booker, Co-founder at Wide Skies & Butterflies, said: “We’re thrilled to have signed with Event Genius and can’t wait to utilise their full range of products. The ability to use their entire product suite was one of the main reasons we chose to go with them. Not only does it simplify the process and workload on our side and allow us to focus on building the best festival possible, but it also makes sure the fan experience is as smooth as possible which is crucial, particularly for a new festival like ours.

Left to right: Abbie Panks, Lord Tom Raynham, Gilly the dog, Samira Williams, Sam Booker and Tom Branston - Credit - Eastern Daily Press

“Starting a festival from scratch gives us a clean slate to create long standing integrated partnerships. A five year deal with Event Genius allows us to work together to shape the entire concept of the festival so that from the moment a customer buys a ticket to leaving the festival they have the best experience possible.”

Photos courtesy of Eastern Daily Press

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